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ASPYRE®’s comprehensive lung panel simultaneously analyzes DNA and RNA from blood or tissue in a single assay, enabling straightforward, precise identification of all NCCN guideline recommended genomic biomarkers associated with approved targeted therapies for NSCLC.

Actionable results

ASPYRE accelerates and simplifies analysis by eliminating the noise from genomic data, ensuring accuracy for the markers that are of interest, allowing more confident decision-making.

Cost effective

ASPYRE’s unique capabilities enable guideline-compliant genomic biomarker testing at a fraction of the cost of NGS.

Fast time to treatment

ASPYRE dramatically simplifies and accelerates the detection of actionable biomarkers, enabling patients to go from diagnosis to targeted treatment options with fewer side effects in days not weeks.


With the ability to detect as little as one molecule of mutated DNA or RNA, ASPYRE is up to 10 times more sensitive than NGS and 50 times more sensitive than single gene PCR tests enabling more accurate and effective patient care.

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