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Fewer than 50% of patients in the US receive the recommended biomarker testing to guide their treatment. Current testing options present oncologists with one of two challenges: not enough genomic information to adequately identify all treatment options, or too much complex information with an extremely slow turnaround time. 


Biofidelity’s breakthrough ASPYRE technology dramatically simplifies and accelerates the detection of actionable biomarkers, enabling informed treatment decisions in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of other approaches.

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ASPYRE's unique advantages

Simple and adaptable

ASPYRE can be rapidly implemented on existing PCR instrumentation without the need for highly trained laboratory staff, sample batching, or complex bioinformatics, requiring only transfer and addition of reagents.

Fast time to treatment

ASPYRE enables the analysis of comprehensive panels of biomarkers from blood or tissue at extremely high sensitivity in a matter of hours. Patients can go from diagnosis to treatment in days instead of weeks.


With the ability to detect as little as one molecule of mutated DNA or RNA1, ASPYRE is up to 10 times more sensitive than NGS and 50 times more sensitive than single-gene PCR tests.

Reduced sample requirements

ASPYRE’s high sensitivity enables testing from tissue samples with as little as 10% tumor content, compared to 20% or 30% for most competing assays.

Actionable results

ASPYRE accelerates and simplifies analysis by eliminating the noise from genomic data, ensuring accuracy for the markers that are of interest to enable more confident decision-making.

Cost effective

At a fraction of the cost of NGS, ASPYRE has been built to increase patient access to biomarker testing and is suitable for repeat testing and patient monitoring.

1Single-copy detection of somatic variants from solid and liquid biopsy, Scientific Reports, Mar 16: 10.1038/s4 1598-021-85545-3


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The ASPYRE technology

Read more about how the unique molecular biology behind ASPYRE overcomes the limitations of PCR and NGS to increase access to comprehensive biomarker testing.

Ultra-sensitive molecular detection of gene fusions from RNA using ASPYRE

Ultra-sensitive molecular detection of gene fusions from RNA using ASPYRE

Gray et al, BMC Medical Genomics | (2022) 15:215

Single-copy detection of somatic variants from solid and liquid biopsy

A-L. Silva et al, Scientific Reports | (2021) 11:6068


Introducing ASPYRE-Lung

By simplifying the detection of genomic biomarkers from either tissue or blood, use of ASPYRE-Lung as a first-line diagnostic helps identify those NSCLC patients who will likely benefit from precision medicine in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of NGS.

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