Accelerate enrollment time while decreasing costs

ASPYRE® is a completely new category of molecular testing that dramatically simplifies and accelerates the detection of actionable genomic biomarkers. With ASPYRE, the time it takes to identify candidates for clinical trials is significantly reduced, shortening the time to trial completion and accelerating approval of your breakthrough therapeutic discoveries.

Accelerated enrollment

ASPYRE enables the analysis of comprehensive panels of biomarkers of blood or tissue within 2 days of sample receipt by overcoming the limitations of current technologies.

Cost effective

The simplicity of ASPYRE enables precision biomarker analysis to be carried out on existing instrumentation at a fraction of the cost of NGS.


ASPYRE can detect as little as a single molecule of mutated tumor DNA or RNA outperforming existing technologies and enabling more patients to be candidates for clinical trials. ASPYRE is up to 10x more sensitive than NGS and 50x more sensitive than most PCR assays.

Custom panels

The flexible design of the ASPYRE reaction can easily be adapted to create customized biomarker panels.



Enabling decentralized genomic testing

ASPYRE-Lung reagents will be available for research use only in 2023 and can be run on standard PCR equipment within your organization or at trial enrollment sites, offering further reductions in enrollment times and lowering overall costs.

Biopharma representative

ASPYRE’s unique capabilities can accelerate and reduce the costs of clinical trials and companion diagnostic development. To explore these opportunities please get in touch.