Unleashing the potential of genomics
to transform human health
and the world we live in

Our mission

Our mission is to transform human health and the world we live in by developing innovative technologies that unleash the potential of genomics.

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The problem: noise

Genomic analysis remains slow and complex, with only a tiny fraction of genomic data providing useful insights. Identifying this information is equivalent to finding a needle in an enormous haystack, requiring complex and costly bioinformatics.

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Biofidelity's solution: reduce the noise

Our revolutionary technology fundamentally changes the way genomic analysis is conducted. By eliminating uninformative DNA, our products massively reduce the time, cost, and complexity of genomic analysis, improving accuracy and enabling faster and simpler decision-making.

Biofidelity – accelerating the genomics revolution.

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Our team

Barnaby Balmforth

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Miller

Chief Commercial Officer

Wendy J. Levin, MD, MS

Chief Medical Officer

Robert Osborne

Chief Operating Officer

Clare Hammond

Director of People

Heiner Dreismann


Barnaby Balmforth

Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Frayling


Ciarán O’Leary


Matthew Frohn


Matt Franklin


Uzma Choudry, PhD


Mace Rothenberg, MD

Hesham A. Abdullah, MD, MS

Jerald Radich, MD

Lee Newcomer, MD

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