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Comprehensive genomic
biomarker results in 2 days

Fast, actionable treatment decisions for NSCLC patients

ASPYRE®-Lung is the first clinical application for ASPYRE®, a new category of rapid, comprehensive biomarker testing. It was specifically created to provide physicians with actionable results within days of diagnosis, enabling rapid identification of the best treatment options. 

Fast time to treatment

ASPYRE is a patented molecular chemistry that uses a unique enzymatic reaction to dramatically accelerate the detection of actionable biomarkers from tissue or blood within hours vs. weeks for sequencing technologies. 


ASPYRE is as sensitive and specific as gold standard NGS assays, For DNA: 100% positive and negative percent agreement: For RNA: 100% positive and negative percent agreement. 

Reduced sample requirement

ASPYRE’s high sensitivity enables testing from tissue samples with as little as 10% tumor content, as compared to 20% to 30% for most competing assays, minimizing the frustration from not having enough sample to run the assay (QNS) or failure rates for sequencing technologies (QC). 

Actionable results

ASPYRE-Lung comprehensive lung panel includes all NCCN guideline recommended genomic biomarkers associated with targeted therapies for NSCLC.


ASPYRE-Lung simultaneously analyzes DNA and RNA from blood or tissue in a single assay, maximizing the opportunity to identify mutations and fusions, while avoiding the additional time and expense of running separate assays. 

Cost effective

At a fraction of the cost of NGS, ASPYRE was created to increase patient access to biomarker testing, and to minimize the barrier of prior authorization from payors.  


Biomarkers included in ASPYRE-Lung

ASPYRE-Lung enables the simultaneous analysis of 77 DNA mutations & 37 RNA fusions.




Exon 18
  • G719A
  • G719S
  • G719C
Exon 19
  • Deletions
  • Insertions
Exon 20
  • T790M
  • S7681
  • C797S
  • Insertions
Exon 21
  • L858R
  • L861Q


Exon 15
  • V600E


Exon 2
  • G12A
  • G12C
  • G12D
  • G12F
  • G12R
  • G12S
  • G12V
Exon 2
  • G13A
  • G13C
  • G13D
  • G13R
Exon 3
  • Q61E
  • Q61H
  • Q61K
  • Q61L
  • Q61R


Exon 17
  • V659E
Exon 20
  • Insertions









Featured resources & publications


The ASPYRE technology

Read more about how the unique molecular biology behind ASPYRE overcomes the limitations of PCR and NGS to increase access to comprehensive biomarker testing.


Ultra-sensitive molecular detection of gene fusions from RNA using ASPYRE

Gray et al, BMC Medical Genomics | (2022) 15:215

Single-copy detection of somatic variants from solid and liquid biopsy

A-L. Silva et al, Scientific Reports | (2021) 11:6068


ASPYRE-Lung now available

By simplifying the detection of genomic biomarkers, use of ASPYRE-Lung as a first-line diagnostic helps identify those NSCLC patients who will likely benefit from precision medicine in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of NGS.

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