ASPYRE®-Lung Reagents

ASPYRE-Lung Reagents are now available
for research use

Learn more about the benefits of incorporating ASPYRE into your research projects.

Fast time to results

ASPYRE reagents enable fast analysis of comprehensive panels of genomic biomarkers. ASPYRE eliminates the need to send samples to a centralized lab which can take weeks to obtain research results.  Your laboratory will maintain control of all research samples.

Reduced sample requirement

ASPYRE’s high sensitivity enables testing from tissue samples with as little as 10% tumor content, compared to 20% or 30% for most competing assays.

Runs on existing instruments

ASPYRE runs on existing real time PCR instruments already available in many laboratories around the world.

Straightforward implementation

ASPYRE can be rapidly implemented on existing PCR instrumentation without the need for highly trained laboratory staff, sample batching, or complex bioinformatics. Requiring only transfer and addition of reagents, ASPYRE has been designed to enable all laboratories to perform precision genomic analysis.


ASPYRE-Lung Reagents are available now available for research use

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