Biofidelity’s assays can detect as little as a single molecule of mutated DNA against the background of billions of healthy molecules present in a typical patient sample.

With a simple workflow, fast turnaround time, and high sensitivity, this scalable platform chemistry can be automated and deployed on existing instruments in labs across the world.

Biofidelity’s proprietary chemistry has the demonstrated capability to detect large panels of mutations at <0.1% variant allele fraction (VAF), outperforming best-in-class sequencing tests in a fraction of the time and without the need for complex workflows or bioinformatics.

Our expanding array of tests covers mutations across a range of genes, including EGFR, KRAS, BRAF and ERBB2. We are working with collaborators to produce custom panels for use in oncology, pre-natal testing, infectious disease and organ transplant monitoring.

Through its simplicity and sensitivity, Biofidelity’s unique chemistry opens the possibility for routine monitoring of patients for treatment resistance and disease recurrence and the routine screening of at-risk populations.

We are working to enable the detection of disease at a far earlier stage, and ultimately to extend and improve the lives of patients.