Next Gene Sequencing (NGS) testing is expensive.  To mitigate costs, companies prefer to batch samples from many different patients in a single sequencing run, which can adversely delay test results. In contrast, ASPYRE-Lung is cost-effective to run no matter how many patients are tested, helping to eliminate unnecessary delays.


As a result, ASPYRE has the potential to increase the number of patients with cancer who undergo biomarker testing, enabling more patients to benefit from highly effective targeted therapies. The low cost also makes ASPYRE suitable for routine monitoring during treatment to detect treatment resistance at the earliest possible stage. This will prevent patients from continuing to receive therapies that no longer provide clinical benefit.


Introducing ASPYRE-Lung

By simplifying the detection of genomic biomarkers from either tissue or blood, use of ASPYRE-Lung as a first-line diagnostic helps identify those patients who will benefit from precision medicine in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of NGS.


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